First Jupyter/IPython notebook!

So, as part of a project I have been working on, to train people’s memory online (with a Javascript game), and test attentional bias later on in the lab, I have started using Python Notebooks.

I have decided to start putting up as much of my code as possible on this site. The motivation is twofold: 1) I can show my work off for all to see, getting in to open science etc. 2) This will provide me motivation for improving the simplicity and readability of my python (hopefully).

Keeping point number two in mind, please be warned that this first upload is very messy! I hope to make the code below much more pythonic in the next few months – it will be interesting to log my progress. Also the internal links don’t work (sorry).

Eventually I will also be able to embed my JavaScript training task for you to play around with if you want.