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Gathering behavioural data online is an exciting method for experiments. I have spent a good deal of time trying to get some cognitive tasks, which would usually be done in the lab, to work on the unpredictable environment of the internet.

The tasks you can play below were developed to work with the True Colours platform. True Colours was developed at the University of Oxford to allow data collection and monitoring of symptoms and wellbeing in a variety of populations. With Natalie Nelissen and Zita Patai, I have been building tasksĀ  for cognitive research. One of the really big benefits it provides is the ability to schedule tasks and send automatic prompts to participants – something that would be difficult to set up with simple web-hosting. You can read more about the platform by following the link above – or follow them on twitter!

The challenges experienced with this can be grouped into two categories: technical web/JavaScript/HTML issues, and the human using the computer unsupervised. It turns out the later one was the biggest (surprise, surprise) – I’ll elaborate on this in the future!

If you want to check out how I analysed this data (in a Python Notebook), check this post.

Otherwise, you can totally play these games below (But please note that these are very much a work in progress and that this will not work on mobile browsers):

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