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BSc (Hons.) Psychology (1st Class) University of Aberdeen ⇾

2011-2015. My optional modules included: Perception, Neuroscience of Music, Vision, Abnormal Psychology, and Attention.
My dissertation was on the use of Advanced Directives in the occasion of a minimally conscious state, supervised by Dr Dannette Marie.



(2016-Present) Research Assistant in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oxford ⇾

Working in the Oxford Center for Human Brain Activity. My work here primarily focuses on the development of web-based replications of laboratory cognitive tasks, which enables remote collection of large data sets for learning about human memory. I also investigate the potential applications of Virtual Reality technology in cognitive neuroscience, with the use of eye tracking VR headsets.

A second strand of my work involves the Magnetoencephalography and Electroencephalography labs, working with Post Docs investigating the effect of timing on the allocation of our attention.

(2015-2016) Research Assistant, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge ⇾

I worked on a 6 month pilot project to develop and assess a touch-screen game to measure rule-learning and abstraction in children. After development of an interactive game, with eye tracking capabilities, I collected and analysed data from over 100 primary school aged children.

(2014-2015) Research Assistant, University of Aberdeen ⇾

Working at two labs during my undergraduate degree. Firstly as a summer RA investigating differences in human memory for distinguishing instances of the same object or face – with relevance to passport control officers. Secondly at the Eye Movement and Attention Laboratory, where I helped develop experiments investigating the optimality of people’s eye movements, and their awareness of eye movements.

(2011-2013) Assistant Psychologist – Children and Adolescents, Prosocial Psychology Services, Kingston ⇾

Supervised by Dr Angel Adams, I worked on assessments and treatment of children and adolescents with learning difficulties, ADHD and Autism. Working on legal cases (child protection), educational needs assessments, and some test standardisation.

(2009-2010) Web Builder, Prophet and Falcon, London ⇾

Operating as part of a small team at a web and branding company. Building bespoke websites to client’s specifications, including both front end and content management systems. key projects: an interactive website for a large secondary education consortium, a local radio station, and a scheduling and booking website for a community center.


Awards and funding

2017 Templeton World Foundation/MRC PhD Studentship

2016 Research Assistantship, Prof. Kia Nobre’s Wellcome Trust Award

2015 Research Assistantship, MRC-CBU Director’s Strategic Fund

2014 Aberdeen Departmental Summer Research Assistantship