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PhD Cognitive Neuroscience, St. Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge ⇾

2017-2021. Longitudinal project working with a large sample of school children. Developing an app to collect cognitive and behavioural data over two years, and also linking this with detailed assessments and brain imaging. Using big data methodologies to characterise the interplay of socioeconomic status, cognitive profile, brain development and resilience.

BSc (Hons.) Psychology (1st Class) University of Aberdeen ⇾

2011-2015. My optional modules included: Perception, Neuroscience of Music, Vision, Abnormal Psychology, and Attention.
My dissertation was on the use of Advanced Directives in the occasion of a minimally conscious state, supervised by Dr Dannette Marie.



(2018-Present) Part-time Developer, Cauldron Science⇾

Cauldron Science (Cauldron.sc) is a Behavioural Science technical consultancy. They also develop Gorilla.Sc, an online experiment builder, allowing those working in academia, industry and third sector organisations to create complex behavioural experiments easily in a graphical environment.

Here I work as a consultant on the scientific functions of the company, helping to craft experiments within Gorilla. I also use JavaScript to develop custom tasks for clients and new features for Gorilla.sc, such as adaptive staircase algorithms, Bayesian maximum likelihood estimation in the web browser, webcam eyetracing, and much more.

(2016-2018) Research Assistant in Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Oxford ⇾

Working in the Oxford Center for Human Brain Activity. My work here primarily focuses on the development of web-based replications of laboratory cognitive tasks, which enables remote collection of large data sets for learning about human memory. I also investigate the potential applications of Virtual Reality technology in cognitive neuroscience, with the use of eye tracking VR headsets.

A second strand of my work involves the Magnetoencephalography and Electroencephalography labs, working with Post Docs investigating the effect of timing on the allocation of our attention.

(2015-2016) Research Assistant, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge ⇾

I worked on a 6 month pilot project to develop and assess a touch-screen game to measure rule-learning and abstraction in children. After development of an interactive game, with eye tracking capabilities, I collected and analysed data from over 100 primary school aged children.

(2014-2015) Research Assistant, University of Aberdeen ⇾

Working at two labs during my undergraduate degree. Firstly as a summer RA investigating differences in human memory for distinguishing instances of the same object or face – with relevance to passport control officers. Secondly at the Eye Movement and Attention Laboratory, where I helped develop experiments investigating the optimality of people’s eye movements, and their awareness of eye movements.

(2011-2013) Assistant Psychologist – Children and Adolescents, Prosocial Psychology Services, Kingston ⇾

Supervised by Dr Angel Adams, I worked on assessments and treatment of children and adolescents with learning difficulties, ADHD and Autism. Working on legal cases (child protection), educational needs assessments, and some test standardisation.

(2009-2010) Web Builder, Prophet and Falcon, London ⇾

Operating as part of a small team at a web and branding company. Building bespoke websites to client’s specifications, including both front end and content management systems. key projects: an interactive website for a large secondary education consortium, a local radio station, and a scheduling and booking website for a community center.


Awards and funding

2017 Templeton World Foundation/MRC PhD Studentship

2016 Research Assistantship, Prof. Kia Nobre’s Wellcome Trust Award

2015 Research Assistantship, MRC-CBU Director’s Strategic Fund

2014 Aberdeen Departmental Summer Research Assistantship