Resilience & Education In Development 

Resilience and Education in Development, or RED, is a large project which forms the bulk of my PhD. The public-facing page is available at

This longitudinal, big-data endeavour recruits schools and families to provide digital, behavioural,  neurological and demographic data in order to try and identify clusters of factors which help children flourish in unlikely environments.

My main function in the team is developing software for data collection, operating & administering MEG scanner sessions, and analysis of high-dimensional neuroimaging data.

Main projects:

  • Creating an iPad app (in C# & Unity3d) to collect large amounts of cognitive data. I presented this in a talk at the BeOnline conference at University College London.
  • Creating several brain scan tasks for MEG and MRI.
  • Development of unsupervised machine learning techniques to predict academic and mental health outcomes from behavioural and neural data. is an online behavioural experiment builder. I work as a Junior Developer on the cloud platform, my two main responsibilities are the development of new features and leading the scientific validation of the platform.

Main Projects:

  • Published Platform Paper (here)
  • Gabor Patch Generator (try here)
  • Webcam Eye Tracking (documentation here)
  • Validation Work on web-browser display timing accuracy

Other stuff

Here are a few things you can check out some work:

– See my first Python notebook on an online memory training experiment I am running here.

– If you want to play JavaScript demonstrations of the tasks that produced the data analysed above you can check out this post.

A post about the ways I improve the integrity of the data collected in my online tasks.

Online task demos:

– Implementation of WebGazer.js eye tracker: play

– Unity WebGL ‘Dot Matrix’ game: play

– 360 Video Viewer for MTurk that tracks coordinates: play